Sometimes RTM just does not work for me

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. gave back a month worth of gains today. it is all part of the game i suppose...

    back to work tomorrow :)
  2. Find a way to hedge with futures when these large vola days happen.

    Tommorrow might be a nice RTM day... one never knows though.
  3. empee


    hmm.. with a name like "shortie" how did you lose money on a -35 ES day?
  4. LOL what he said :D
  5. have not found a good way to hedge that would consistently work for me. maybe some day...
    i suspect that all my previous attempts at hedging just cut into my profits. so in my hands: hedging = smoother equity curve, but less profit. i try not to hedge too much and get a kick in the face on days like today.

    at least i exited everything according to my rules instead of carrying an overleveraged position overnight hoping for a rebound. it feels shitty losing, but feels good that i stuck to the rules. i won't be upset if tomorrow we gap up, sticking to the plan was the right thing to do.

    so you guys think i should change my handle? how about big_swinging_dick?
  6. got 1/3 back. had to swing big. incredible market. :cool:
  7. RTM works best in a tightly rangebound market. We are technically in a trending market now.