Sometimes It's The Little Things In Life That Can Piss Me Off

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  1. Feel free to add yours. :D

    1) Paying $18 for a couple specialty rum drinks, and getting nothing but an expensive slushy.

    Put some friggin alcohol in those drinks you cheap bastards, the wife & I are on vacation and we're here to catch a buzz!!
  2. 2) I shop for my own little cache of snacks and deserts at Publix every week, because well, wifey can't seem to get that one down. Every time I'm there, I get these half-aisle-wide, lard ass women there in front of me while I'm trying to negotiate the aisles in a reasonable amount of time. You know they can see you coming their way, but yet they just can't seem to get their gargantuan land mass out of the way, so you can get around them. And, on top of that, they have to support all that mass, by leaning on the steel construction of the shopping cart which damages the wheels, thereby increasing the chance of me getting a cart with a fucked up wheel next time I'm there.

    When you see me coming, just move your jumbo self to the side and let me pass!!
  3. 3) I'm no yard nazi, but if you live in an upscale neighborhood and you have neighbors that can afford the homes around you, you tend to expect that others will be reasonable about taking care of their front yard. Sometimes a family will move in thats from a different culture................fine, no problem, I can get along.........but damn, do you have to let those weeds in your front yard grow to size of corn stalks?

    If you can afford the house, get a friggin lawn service for Christs sake.
  4. I wonder what pisses off half-aisle-wide, lard ass women.

    (Those skinny ass people are always in such a hurry:eek: )
  5. How about the lazy ass neighbors who walk their dogs and leave shit all over your yard. You know who you are!!! My next dog is a Great Dane and we are coming for some payback bitches!:mad:
  6. jsv416


    Just go pull a Jim Carey from " Me, myself , and Irene".

    Walk over to the guys front yard, drop trou, and lay a big one right on his front yard.
  7. That's funny :D.
  8. Actually I'm one of those assholes with a german shepard, and I'm just waiting for that girly-man that lives across the street from me to say something to me, because when he does, I'm gonna pick that shit up and hurl it at him. :D

    My wife and I call him Yard Boy. This guy is polar opposite to the people above that don't take care of their property. Every day he comes home, he's gotta get the damn blower out, even if there's one leaf on his yard. This guy's got more gasoline powered lawn tools than Home Depot.
  9. If I may add to the list: Republican brains.

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