Sometimes I wonder why I even day trade...

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  1. VicBee


    I was going to close this account about a year ago because it only had about $500 in it. Instead I bought 2 shares in all the lithium mining cos I could find. Since Oct. 2020:

  2. Overnight


    So you are coming over to the dark side of swing/position trading? Welcome brother. Don't forget your goat leggings for the initiation rites...

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  3. maxinger


    Well. It depends on individuals.
    some other people might show similar things ( but with
    huge loss ) because of investing / swing trading.

    So for some other people, it could be :

    Sometimes I wonder why I even invest ...
    Sometimes I wonder why I even swing trade...
  4. Overnight


    (Max, will you just shush please? I want to see him get the goat-leggings!)
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  5. VicBee


    Yeah, like I said elsewhere, it's all about when you enter and when you exit. That said, my investment account is also performing well... but where's the fun in not trading?
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  6. Nobert


    In striking 50% with 99% of the time saved and no sleep issues.
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  7. virtusa


    It is nothing more than a funny story. To have any value it should be statistical representative, which it is not. You can find hundreds of stories that ended like this. Also stories which ended exactly the opposite way.

    I can show some of my personal stories from days where I doubled my account in 1 day. I also can show one (lucky it was only one) story in which I lost a complete account (50K) in 1 day.
    So what should be my conclusion? Stop daytrading or continue?
  8. heispark


    All the statistics and studies indicate day trading is a loser's game. Only very very small number of people can make it. You don't need to do this silly stunt.
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  9. maxinger


    based on what most people say,
    the success rate for the day traders is < 10%,
    and the success rate for investors is > 90%.

    In fact, many people said best is to buy stocks and then forget about it
    until decades later.
    They'd recommend that instead of staring at the screen for so many hours a day for day trading,
    just close your eyes, go buy faang stocks, tsla stock.
    And a few years later, you will be very rich.

    There are actually thousands of threads in this forum saying that day trading is
    virtually impossible.
    ie many people came to the wrong forum.
    they should migrate from to
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  10. virtusa


    Success depends mainly or even almost for 100% from the qualifications of the trader.
    If you have the qualifications to be a daytrader you should daytrade.
    If you only have the qualifications to be an investor, you should just invest.

    No investor can ever beat the returns of a good daytrader.

    "Silly" is to do something without having the needed qualidications. But even investors can do silly things. Silly depends on the person who is doing something, it depends not on what product he is trading.
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