Somethings gotta' give

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  1. Perhaps they were homosexual Imans chanting Sodomy is saintly. Cannot a seatbelt be a useful tool in the pursuit of homo bondage erotica?

    But you can't hold a whole religion responsible for the behavior of a few sick, perverted individuals.

    If you do shouldn't we blame the whole homosexual Islamo fascists system?

    And if the whole homosexual Islamo fascist system is guilty then isn't this an indictment of our religious institutions in general?

    I put it to you, Captain Obvious.

    Isn't this an indictment of our entire American society?
  2. You hittin' the suds a little early this weekend?:D All I know is, if I get on a plane and some raghead starts chanting some shit, one of us is gettin' off the plane. If the plane is in flight then he better stay seated, otherwise I'm bustin' his ass and the motherfucker better have something more than a box cutter. Old man that I am, I can still bring it when necessary.
  3. If I were a muslim, particularly an imam, shouldn't I want to do everything possible to reassure my fellow passengers rather than alarm them? This flying iman event was far too well-staged to be accidental. It was a deliberate provocation, designed either to probe security or generate an excuse for lawsuits.
  4. What's to blame for our insantity? Is it growing up in Chi-CAH-go or something genetic. :D
  5. They did dump alot of sewage in Lake Michigan back in the day. Could be that! I used to trust the government, now my dick glows in the dark.:D
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    I take it you passed debate class at Faber college?:D

  7. If the Prez would let me borrow the Football with the codes for just 5 minutes...oh man what I could do.

    Dr.Rennick Strangelove out :cool:
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    I bet he was on Double Secret Probation™.