Something wrong with me, i guess

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  1. I really don't give a crap if Arnold had a kid out of wedlock. I don't care what Carmen Diaz did, I don't care about any of these f-ck sti-- piles of crap have done or are doing. Would I vote for the guy, No, and I'm a conservative, but I had no problem figuring out he's just another liberal in disguise. Don't get me wrong, I have no Illusions that conservatives are any better, just saying I wouldn't have voted for a Hollywood loser. Especially a steroid using phony. I'm surprised he had any balls left to have a kid. You can throw phony Newt, or is Neutered Gingrich in there also. Neither fit my description of conservative, just another phony trying to sell a lie to make money.
    There's my rant for the day. Hey, did you see the number of exemptions Nancy got for businesses in California, and Harry "balls" Reid got for insurance companies in Neveada for the almighty, US saving Obama care? It's so good his biggest supporters don't believe in it. ROFL, and yet crying my ass off for it is doing.
  2. 2 post a week for 8 years?? Something must have really stirred you up today.:confused:
  3. yea. if only everyone were a god fearing republican nothing like this would happen:
  4. Did you miss the point where I mentioned I was under no illusion that conservatives were any better?