something very strange just happened...what do i do?

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    yesterday i made a losing trade. at the time the orders went through and the account balance updated to the correct amount on my ninja trader.

    however, my daily account statement never came in the evening, as it usually does. ok so it's late sometimes but i guess i'll check out my balance on ninjatrader again.

    so i log in my ninjatrader and the balance shows that i never made the trade. however, when i go into my history/log it definitely shows up as trades executed and money lost...and not in my sim account either. it's acting right now as if i made the trade yesterday but for some reason the trade was cancelled overnight and now i have my money back. this was on the ES btw.

    i dont know what i should do at this point because i dont really want to do anything at this point to lose that money "again" but if this kind of thing continues, it will happen to a winner one day as well.

    so what should i do? how should i approach this with my broker?
  2. It sucks, but it happens.

    If you can, contact the clearing firm directly and find out what is going on. You won't be able to do this until Monday, though. (As far as I know.)

    Others may have other ideas.

    Good lick.
  3. good god, what are you talking about? NinjaTrader is not the authority of record for your trades. I have seen all manner of wackiness occur with NinjaTrader, just this week it showed me up several percent on a long ES trade, when i noticed on marketwatch the market had plummeted. Long story short, i shutdown NT and opened my direct broker toolset, where i got the real story.

    Go to your broker trade records....if the trade isn't in your trade history, the trade never happened. If thats the case, count yourself lucky.
  4. A few years back, a lady in Bronx got a few hundred grands deposited into her bank account. It turned out a dumb UN official wired the UN money by mistake. She kept the money.
    You are not obliged to report to anyone.

  5. Call your broker and fix the problem. If you lost money because of bullshit of your broker, demand your money back.
    in the worst case, with a lawyer.

    or change the broker, software.
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    k guys just to be clear i made two LOSING trades friday that SEEMS to not have counted. i have still not received any account statements from my broker, which normally comes in the evening of the day of the trade so it's looking like the trades never happened. if this is the case, this little "mistake" just SAVED ME a a lot of money.

    at this point im guessing the trade never happened so i dont owe anybody any money...right?
  7. feng-

    what broker do you use? do you have access to a web account? go into your account and check your trade history. if the trade is not there, then it never happened. Sometimes, funny things happen in NT. Connectivity with your broker may have been lost, or some such situation.

    To the other fella with the anecdote about keeping money someone accidentally wires into your account. Just so you know, that is a crime and you can and will be sent to prison if you spend that money. No one cares about your rights, only about rich folks property.

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    i use Mirus as my broker with Dorman for clearing. cant log into my web account, if i even have one. site is down or something i duno. i just phoned 24 hour emergency line at Mirus and the guy couldnt do anything.
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    Only thing that matters is what the clearing acct/statement says.

    Consider yourself lucky, this time.
  10. Just imagine that your broker loves you and dont want allow you to make any losses, because they always say "whe only make money if our clients make money".

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
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