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  1. Hello,

    Until a few weeks ago, Yahoo had a simple web url api: ...

    So you could put in tickers and what information you wanted (price, dividend, etc). Then it would send you a downloaded CSV file with the information.

    This was great! But then they discontinued its use. I need to find a replacement. Is there a free/paid service where you can get the P/E ratio, dividend, etc. for lots of companies at once like this?

    I want to be able to download data on several companies at once rather than having to manually click from web page to web page and view the data. I want to programmatically bulk-capture the data into a regular file format (CSV, JSON, etc.). Then I can load the data into Python or something like that to work with the data.

    There are a "zillion" websites out there with charts and data. But they all seem to want you to stay on their website and click from page to page and view the data with your eyes. I want to machine grab the data and never have to look at the website.

    I try typing things into google like "download stock market data api", but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I don't need minute-by-minute price data. I'm looking for accounting/valuation data like price-to-book ratios, current price, price a year ago, dividends, price-to-sales ratios. Basic stuff.
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  3. Just write some code to drive a browser, not that hard
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