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    Howdy All,

    Many times here I’ve posted; You must think like and act like – a trader

    There is a book titled; Trade From Your Gut

    I did not write it, but the author has read my mind and put it in print (a very eerie feeling too if I might add)

    It will not teach you how to trade, (that will always be your responsibility to develop) but it will give you insight on how to think like a trader


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    Not shilling – only correcting my f’up

    Book Title = Trading From Your Gut

  3. Read your own book: Redneck Gives Em Both Barrels :D
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    :D :D

    Happy Holidays to You and your Family TZ

  5. I havent bought a trading book in probably 5 years. But this one sound interesting. No doubt most of my best plays have come straight from the gut.

    Sometimes that price action screams to you. If you know what I mean then you understand.
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    Will do, thx
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    Redneck trader, I just ordered the book sounds like a good read. Thanx! My recommended reading is Trading for a Living by Dr. Alexander Elder.
  8. I just finished reading Curtis Faith's Trading from your Gut, and found it had a few useful and interesting nuggets for me to chew on. So I'm glad I read it. The only criticism I have is regarding the foreword written by Van Tharp. Tharp's piece was rather self-serving and had more to say about himself than Faith. And, not surprisingly, Tharp signed off by including his own web site address. My gut tells me he crossed the line on good taste.
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    I read it, it was ok...

    Basically he is saying left brain crunches numbers and right brain recognizes patterns. The right brain is infinitely faster and you should trust your right brain instincts. However the right brain needs training by seeing patterns over and over. Basically... screen time. I think most of us know this, but for a new person, sure good book.
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