Something to listen to during the day like John Ogg

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    When I used to trade at a day trading firm, we would listen to John Ogg read the news and S&P all day. Does anyone have something other than CNBC that they listen to all day. I'd like to know what else is out there.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not trying to be facetious: this one's my current "all-day listening" (best recording, ever, of the works, IMO).

    I'd hate to listen to anything financial, all day, and simply wouldn't be willing to do it.

    Just my perspective, of course, but I have an instinctive distaste for "fundamentals" and take the view that I probably don't need to know about anything that isn't clear from the main news websites - at which I do glance. (And I share the general context specified in your post, in that I'm "day trading at a firm", more or less.)
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  3. Listen to, or watch, or do something...anything else...other then being attuned to market news.

    Most of it, if not all, is virtually completely meaningless for the day.
    The mood and tone has pretty much already been set premarket. You just have to watch now, wait for things to play or fizzle out.
    It's virtually impossible to pinpoint the exact future, but you can more or less...establish what may potentially happen. The general framework map.

    Curious though...what were your money and/or percentage returns with that firm, o_O
    Make Trading Great Again 2018

    That's one of the hardest parts with being a day mastering the art of patience and boredom. You have to be a calm, patient snake in the bushes during the duration of market hours, everyday.
    While with investing or swing trading, you just have to quickly periodically monitor performance.
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    When I listed to that squawk box I was trading full time for almost 10 years. I took a break for social reasons, not because I ever lost money. I'm now looking at lightning trader, becaus eit's most like the software I used at the od firm.