Something to know about Option Smart

Discussion in 'Options' started by traderdon56, May 31, 2006.

  1. So I signed up with OS to have my account auto-traded, using their Credit Spread system. Many on this forum had sung their praises, and they have a 100% winning record.

    But last month the Option Gods weren't smiling on most of us, as the markets took a beating. Many other services reported losses ranging from 20 to 30% for the May options.

    But not Option Smart. They used something called a "rollover". And even though my account took a good thump, they're not counting it as a loss!!!

    I now understand how they have garnered a 100% winning record....they cheat.

  2. Then the advertised record is in violation of SEC regs. Rolling-over a losing position still books a loser. Report 'em.
  3. That might be worth doing.'ve been with OS for some time now, have you seen this "rollover" trick before?
  4. Tums


    when someone advises you to risk $3 to make $0.5, you know what they are made of.
  5. They are not option smart. They are marketing smart.