something tells me the rally isn't over for financials

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  1. there's just too much at stake


    I don't think the powers that be will allow it to happen
  2. to quote Robert Reicht "maybe to big to fail is just.. to big".

    My credit union and some smaller banks would appreciate the business.
  3. a lot of money going into the system (printing press) , in gov't best interest to stabilize the markets....any bad news will be sugar coated..... I think dow will hit 8000 before any signs of retest.
  4. market set to surge till the close from here on out

    go long on ultra bull financial ETF FAS , sell it @ 4:00
  5. How many shares are you long? How'd yopur latest imaginary calls turn out? I guess you're broke (again) huh?
  6. imaginary calls ? i was spot on with the financial rally.

    fyi when you "call" something, your suppose to do it BEFORE it happens.

  7. S2007S


    Waiting for FAS to drop below $3 before I start adding new positions, Im holding onto some FAS now but will go in with a few thousand shares when the market breaks new lows, which it will once again. Also holding FAZ as well, waiting for that to run past $50 before I sell.
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    Maybe, maybe not.

    In any case, whether intended or not, you sound like a guy with long positions that are under water.

  9. CET


    Your predictions are an exercise in futility. Trade the action.
  10. I totally agree with this thread's headline in a sense that if you wanna short something - for God's sake don't short financials.

    1 week ago I've posted my VH opinion that next leg down would be led by energy sector. So the best play in town (I do it) is being long financials (FAS) and short energy (ERY)
    Since the rally started it worked perfectly and something tells me this will work on the way down within next two weeks.
    The beauty of it is that every market rally on the way is led by the most hated sector - financials - so you do not suffer loses shorting energy
    Also oil has arrived at intermediate top.
    See the chart of XLF:XLE or FAS:ERX
    the latest pullback in ratio forced me to add more ERY

    Good luck to all!
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