something strange this election

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mav88, Oct 18, 2012.

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    political signs- lack of them.

    I struck me a few days ago so I started looking around and taking mental notes. In 2008 they were about every 5 feet, this year they are very noticeably absent. Today I was in a parking lot and did a survey of bumper stickers, I saw almost nothing. I can't remember an election season like this. There is no enthusiasm here in Ohio for either guy.

    what are you seeing where you live?
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  3. In my tony upper northwest DC neighborhood, Romney yard signs are everywhere. Four years ago there were literally no McCain signs.

    Given who lives in these houses, big bucks lawyers and lobbyists mainly, I find it startling. They know Obama will carry DC with 95% of the vote, yet they have these signs out.
  4. You're right Mav88. I'm in west Texas and last election there were McCain Palin bumper stickers everywhere and a fair amount of yard signs. Now there are probably more old McCain bumper stickers than new Romney ones.
  5. For a live in houseboy, you sure can post well.
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    Confirmation Bias?