Something really strange is happening..

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  1. alot has happened over the past month.. but just today I've noticed a pattern of things.. I'm no conspiracy theory fanatic, but the more you think about recent market events the more clear it becomes.. you see men are not stupid, they're very smart, some are extraordinary even a 5 year old could tell how the mrket would react to some of the decisions made by some people..

    The more I think of it the more I think there is a reason for all this - I think this whole chaos is there to achieve some sort of goal, probably a form of legislation, a new financial body, maybe a global one with greater power. and it was most likely planned years in advance, perhaps even delayed until now over past failures..

    I personally can argue with anyone regarding on the 'credit crunch'. how can any asset be distroyed? the only move has been the idea, perception and creation of fear. you know exactly what I'm talking bout when you visit a farm full of ships.

    keep an eye out and see what has been/will be created at the back of all this by the big boys. If you beleive the world market has been turned upside down by 5% of people who couldn't pay their bills, CDOs, caymans etc then you need to go to hospital. and even then most people have been 'pushed' to default to make this even 'reality'. you have people on the street talking about 'credit crunch' when they have no fucking clue about credit.. funny enough add some CDO, CDS bullshit and they believe anything u say. CDS spread don't move markets, fear does.

    whenever you look back in history there is some crazy shit you'd think how was it acceptable in society? slavery? acient tax for men.. at the time they had no fucking clue and it was the norm of day. Men are animals, they are selfish by nature. It's their instinct to collude and control and benefit in someway or another. anyone would. times have changed and men are smarter..

    I will bet something big will be created by end of the decade.. with full control of global finance and has probably been in working papers for over 20 years..
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    I suggest getting on the bat phone and calling Robin the boy wonder.
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    history would suggest otherwise
  5. Y'all know I'm a tin foil hat kind of guy. I've been smelling the same rat for 5-6 years or so.
  6. despite the long and irrelevant discourse prior to what I think your point is: world economy steered to this point for financial power grab; global financial regulatory body waiting in the wings; etc., I have to say that I would not be surprised if it turned out to be true.
  7. Yes, I see what you're saying. I think I've figured it out.
    The world's leading economies will unite to create a global bank/currency/market system....
    and I hear it's going to be headed up by none other than Timothy Sykes, the greatest micro cap scalper of all time!
    He will be the chosen one! That's a relief :cool:
  8. I tend to subscribe to the chaos theory rather than the "man behind the curtain".

    When every financial institution was levered up over 20:1, some 40:1, some 60:1!!!!, yes a 5% default can wreak major havoc.

    If you're in at 20:1, 5% wipes you out.

    No conspiracy there. just math.
  9. Yawn.

    CDS and Mortgage backed securities will finally "trade" over an exchange instead of OTC where they should have never been in the first place. The Treasury will act as the "clearing" firm.

    No grand conspiracy theory.
    Next topic please.
  10. Agreed 100%
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