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  1. did oreo change its formula because last time i had one it didnt absorb milk so well..... so i use to buy the "generic" oreo because i thought they absorbed milk better and tasted better... but now i couldnt find my generic type so i was forced to buy an oreo bag....

    and its much better then i remember im pretty sure they changed the recipe but no one noticed because oreo fans eat oreos and non oreo fans eat generic....

    any input?
  2. You're getting the fake Oreo's from China that are 14.3% melamine.

    Thus, they absorb milk at different rates, and will slowly kill you.

    Check the label and make sure you didn't get 'Ore-oh's.'

    so i decided to look that up .... as i trade i read the news every day almost every hour and never saw any release of this oreo melamine in cookies... apparently they are pulling the we didnt know game.... i will look up melamine absorbing rates now as nabisco wont tell me where my cookies were made...
  4. i looked up my generic brand of cookies
    "twisto's" no melamine reports or incidents all cookies are made in america...

    by top's market.....

    so if your oreo eater be safe drop oreo and buy twisto.... do your research they absorb milk better twist apart better and taste better so what if the designs sometimes tend to be misstamped or flipped over covered by cream ... is it worth.... dying over..?

    long live TWISTO'S
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    Hot Cheetos. End of discussion.