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Discussion in 'Politics' started by HEAP_BIG_TRADER, Aug 28, 2002.

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  1. --Trading for profit.

    Now I realize this is a new concept for most of you losers but try to imagine actually making money from trading. After watching most of you flopping around aimlessly like a fisk out of water I've decided that I may show you how it's done


    I am a huge trader. A DayTrader. I trade blocks of 5,000 shares MINIMUM. NASDAQ & NYSE. Often more than that.

    Revealing the Secrets of the Masters is what I am talking about. The Right Way. The way real professionals trade. How we think about the trade. What we do every step of the way laid out so that even an idiot could do it.

    Why would I do this? Because trading has been very very good to me. I have become rich form trading. I have made more money than I could spend in three lifetimes so I have decided to give something back now that I have enough to live like as lavishly and obscenely as I wish. I don't need anymore money.

    Are you interested?

    If not I will go on my way.
  2. Sitting on the edge of my chair ...
  3. I'm right here, ready when you are!:cool:
  4. trdrmac


    Typing with one hand Im so excited.
  5. Write a book about trading. We can trade books. I will give you my "How to make a million dollars playing Blackjack", in exchange for your Stock Market book.
  6. It's about time... I'm sitting on ready!!!
  7. Sharp


    We are always interested to hear from you Ego.:D

    Lets begin.......
  8. NKNY


    Back from the Betty ford clinic so soon ......
  9. Get out of here....youre a small fry chump.

    What was that guys name last month that tried doing this nad got run out of Elite Trader?? He has LOTS of aliases. This is probably the same guy.

    Get lost you little dink.
  10. Absolutely. You write it...I'll read it. How fast can you type?
    #10     Aug 28, 2002
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