Something like RediPlus, but at least accessible for daytrading

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  1. FYI. This is not a promo piece so don't worry. I've added a little bit of good and bad to go around on this commentary so you can tell I'm not a Spammer.

    I know that RediPlus is a pretty decent day trading platform primarily becuase of it's charting, easy and quick order entry system and P/L + position windows. Hell - it's designed and operated by Goldman Sachs so it can't be half-bad. Downside is that it's not available to regular joes (individual traders) like you and me. When I called Goldman recently, I was told that RediPlus is only available to prop firms, institutional traders and high net worths.

    If you can tell, I'm not interested in or a member of either of the 3 previous categories.

    Soooooo... where does that leave someone who wants something similar? TS and Tradestation customers / promoters can refrain from commenting or hyping those platforms here - I've tried both and they just don't do it for me. I was a Fidelty customer using Active Trader Pro, but that platform is not built for daytrading. I like TD Ameritrade's feel with NinjaTrader but have doubts on freezing and reliability of TD Ameritrade as reflected by some recent posts and also my experience.

    I have got a couple $100K to trade with so I am looking for a decent daytrading sofware similar to Rediplus. Suggestions?

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    SLK designed Redi-Plus long before GS sunk their paws into SLK Capital markets.

    You can access it as a retail customer of any firm that clears GS, or a Prime brokerage customer.

    Lightspeed is another possibility as a retail customer.

    AVOID TradeStation for execution, you know this I hope!
  3. Thanks Surdo...To follow-up.....

    You said; "You can access it as a retail customer of (i) any firm that clears GS, or (ii) a Prime brokerage customer."

    What firms do you suggest in (i)?

    Do they differ from (ii)?

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  5. Thanks PSPR... I know I can download it... but it's of no use if I can't open an account.

    If you scroll down on the page you listed it asks for "Log in with your UserID and password".

  6. Bob111


    what did they mean by high net worth?
    like you must have account with GS? with how much in it? how much is high net worth anyway?
  7. I asked the same thing... and they said "each case would be evaluated on it's own merit.. by trading volume and account balances". What they did say is that there is no "minimum requirement" that they default to. Sarcastically, I threw out the number of 5,000,000 shares traded a week and they said that would be fine. Not much help.
  8. fyi rediplus fucking sucks balls. we have it at work along with our regular trading platform and man redi is bad.
  9. Thanks Robbie.... What do you suggest as an altenative platform, assuming that I can't work with you?