Something is going to happen to Micron (MU) soon!!!

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  1. This chart says a lot about what is going to go down. Its not the chart pattern though but the volume.

    -Since 1984, 23 years of trading, there has not been higher volume then the last 4 months. Since April, MU has traded on 50% higher volume then the highest volume month of the 2000 tech bubble.

    -The last 4 months on average is 50% higher volume then at any other time in the last 23 years.

    -Volume has been steadily increasing since 2005 with all dips being bought suggesting someone is accumulating the stock.

    Oftentimes big business plans usually take months or sometimes years to develop. Buyouts and other such matters take months or years to engineer and maybe a hundred people might be involved.

    I was in Central Park about a week ago and Im going out with an accountant at a major firm in NYC. She was telling me about a few deals that were going down when she suddenly stopped talkin realizing she wasnt supposed to be saying anything about it.

    People in NYC cannot keep their mouths shut. They talk about these things at lunchtime, during happy hour and with their friends&family. NYC people love to shoot their mouths off about information like this. You may think that there is some sort of backroom operation going down with corporate spies and hedge funds involved. However, its nothing more then an accountant shooting her mouth off in a park.

    This chart tells me that a plan of some type was hatched back in 2005. It has slowly leaked out until the current time and the stock has been accumulated since. The volume cant be ignored anymore. Something has to happen soon whether it be a buyout or maybe MU is going to come out with something big that will revolutionize their industry. I dont know what it is, but big funds dont start buying like this on record volume over a 4 month period for nothing.
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  2. Once again more incoherent, nonfactual, gibberish for our forum putz, michael scott.

    First, the volume on MU has no predictive power. All it indicates is that the stock is heavily daytraded without any particular direction. The volume doesn't foreshadow any news or events. If funds were buying the stock would be going up. The stagnant price and high volume merely indicates churning, putz.

    P.S. Someone please quote my post because michael putz has me on ignore and the only way he will be able to read it is if someone quotes it.
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    You are an fu^cking idiot Mikey.
  4. Call me whatever you like. I wasnt kidding about the accountant. Most info on Wall Street gets traded between people at bars like Ulysses.

    Someone has been accumulating since April on record high trading volumes. Higher highs and higher lows in June when the Diamonds were down.
  5. I cant say this any louder or more direct to you all. Those who want to disbelieve me and who dont know my credientials say what you wish. I know I will get more then one "Your an idiot" response here.

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    you may be on to something. I realize this is mostly speculation on your part, but have you given any thoughts to the expected timeframe?

    i suppose if we were to check the options and where the biggest number of calls reside (month & price) we could get an idea. perhaps it would be advisable to see the net change in position month over month.

    unfortunately, for your detractors the information does not bear out their position as indicated by the top holders of the stock being net buyers and as everyone knows they have to buy and sell to keep their target price in range.
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  7. This is what we call an educated gamble and not really trading or investing. When I get excited like this and start pounding my fists on the table, I am taking this beyond what it should be, but I am having some fun at the same time.

    Someone is bidding the stock up and it is so obvious. I have seen this with quite a few stocks that have been bought. Now we must address the flipside and that side is this. If for any reason the deal doesnt go through, then we have problems.

    The I-Phone is also helping us out a little bit here too.

    Look at this chart, look at how the price bounces off that 20 day, hits the top Bollinger and then comes back down. Its like John Bollinger is trading it himself. V-Bottom, trading up the high Bollinger channel. Volume is the highest its been in 23 years.

    This is screaming that something is going to happen soon.

    Now it might pullback on Monday and at that point it might pull back to the 20 day moving average. A close above the 20 day, 200 day is very bullish in my book. I can only imagine this going higher (with a few pullbacks in between).

    Disclaimer: If anyone denies that this buyout will take place, stock will tank and tank with a passion.
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  8. bollinger bands don't work
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    Thanks for the heads up to the article.

    If it is not a buyout, merger or something of that nature then the only other explanation I have for the open interest of 57,000+ 20 calls for Jan '08 would have to be ...gambling...since this is over $7 out of the money. I don't think that simply rises in the $$ of dram chips would be enough for the stock to increase by the amount necessary for the options to be in the money.

    There are large number of OI for the 15 and 17.50 Jan calls but there are not corresponding OI figures for the other months. Any thoughts?
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