Something has got to give, oil or stock market

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  1. Can't have it both ways, fed needs to stop this right now by raising rates this is insane.
  2. Um as I have said a dozen times before rising oil, gold, and other comodities is non inflationary. The 10 year is falling. The fed will keep cutting.
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  4. You say much with 8.91 posts per day.
  5. Where is the inflation? Rising food prices? Maybe where you live, but overall American consumer will pay extra for food, and food prices have only risen slightly. Rising gas prices? Maybe not. With oil soaring above 97 gas prices are still in the 2.8 -3 range.

    10 year note still tanking. At 2 year lows:^TNX&t=2y&l=on&z=m&q=l&c=

    Free trade and free market capitalism good for economic prosperity as Kudlow says.
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    I think oil goes to 100, where it goes after that is anyones guess. Amazing how the market totally ignores the barel of oil at $97. Im sure at $100 means only good news for the market.

    Im about to add a position in either DCR or DUG as oil approaches 100+

    I think oil is due for a pullback to 88-92 after it succeeds 100+
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    Dont know if you drive but I just filled at at $3.25. About 2 weeks ago that same gas was $3.00.

    Up about 8% in the last 2 weeks. This should be good for the retailers come Christmas too as people need to heat their houses and pay just a little bit more for gas.
  8. I would have to think that if oil goes down, so does the stock market. In fact, the stock market going down would probably cause the oil market to go down. They are positively correlated, not negatively correlated.
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    Dollar Falls to Record on China's Plans to Diversify Reserves

    "China's plans to diversify its foreign exchange reserves will involve selling U.S. assets.

    The currency slumped after Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of China's National People's Congress, told a conference in Beijing the country should improve the structure of its $1.43 trillion of foreign reserves by favoring stronger currencies and fucking the USD."
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