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  1. Just thought I would post a quick link to those of you who know Bob and I, especially noting my brother (the older and smarter Bright, LOL).

    Owner of Cirque de Soleil, CEO of MGM etc. and some top professionals.

    There are still seats open, if anyone wants to join in. I can't afford it however, LOL.

    Just for fun guys.... good week of trading so far.

    All the best,

  2. lwlee


    Is Bob fronting the million on his own? I believe most of the poker pros are going to be backed, really only the billionaires will probably buy in with the full million.
  3. Oh, he's buying in with his own money. I'm pretty sure he's won more than that from these guys already. He plays a game each week with Bobby Baldwin, Jeffrey Katzenberg and the other "rich guys" - I'm just proud of him for doing this for charity. I think 10% or more of the $million buy in goes for a good cause. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he plans on winning some moolah as well.

    I think it starts in July.

  4. lwlee


    That's the life!

    I wish him good luck. If he wins, he definitely gain some fame.
  5. hitnrun


    who needs fame when you have the money that bob bright has
    the rumor is he makes millions yearly trading emini futures
  6. LEAPup


  7. Of course he has, including last year, but the point I was making is that he is planning on winning this thing, LOL. Much smaller group to work with, not like the World Series of Poker with thousands of entrants. We'll see.....

  8. lwlee


    Emini? You kidding right? I thought it was all stocks.

    Once you have the money, you want the recognition. It's that endless cycle of human want. Always bigger and better.

  9. Oh, I don't know. He's been "rich" since about 1975, from playing blackjack. Very inconspicuous, low key. Made a ton in the 80's trading. Of course he trades stocks and ETF's, but as a member of the CME still, after all these decades, he likes to trade the E's as well.

    He's had the same small house for 25 years, and drives an 11 year old car, hardly the flamboyant type. His enjoyment is playing poker and seeing movies vs. watching sports or playing golf. No big deal.

    I'll let you guys know if this is going to be televised.

  10. hitnrun


    like i said bob does not need the fame , i rather have the money anyday
    don has the fame on et so who needs anything else lol.
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