Something explosive is going to happen in Silver and EUR soon..

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by NTB, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Both to the upside. Going to see a 10% daily move in Silver to the ups and huge up moves in the EUR. Just feel it in my bones.
  2. Ok, thats good, would you mind sharing your opinion on that?
    Anything could happen, naturally, but why silver rising rather than gold, or the metals as a basket for example?

    I hope your not going to say, because it ISNT gold or usd-not that any variety of speculation, should be better than another.
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    I chose Silver because it is the highest beta of all the metals I believe. In other words, the moves are the most drastic in both directions when metals move. To be sure, all the metals will continue to move up just like commodities in general. I wouldn't attempt to explain these moves fundamentally, rather, I am just looking at the price action and the building momentum in my opinion.
  4. that would be sweet as I have some 90 % silver coins and 40 % silver coins to sell down the road

    the problem with sharp moves up

    is the are at some point in time followed by even worse moves down !

  5. I hope that you're correct and that your bursitis isn't acting up too much.
  6. i think you're getting your the wrong direction though...:confused: :eek:

    you can never be sure of anything. feelings like that will kill you in this game.
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    I don't see any major moves the other way. A few cents in Silver and 1/2 point in EUR is nothing to concern about. I'm still maintaining this view, albeit, I recognize I may be a bit early. Time will tell...:)
  8. good luck, ntb
  9. So you have no real reason other than "gut"?
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    I follow price action. Should I provide a whole laundry list of fundamental excuses du jour for why the market is going to move this way or that? The best reason is usually no reason at all. The market is moving up, get on the train. We'll listen to the analyst explanation after the fact. Price action tells me this is going to be explosive. I could be wrong, but, i have a hypothesis and I'll trade it accordingly.
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