Something definately wrong

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  1. World GDP is $70 Trillion and World Forex transactions are $1,100 Trillion per year. Something definately wrong here.
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    You aren't very right are you? A unit of currency circulates more than once a year....
  3. 1) Excessive speculation. :(
    2) $1,100 Trillion is "one-point-one quadrillion dollars". :cool:
  4. Forex transactions are $4 Trillion per day.
  5. What do you think the daily amount of U.S. equities transactions is?

    What do you think the amount of equities outstanding is?
  6. Schmucks in Wall Street want to bang a hot chick every night and drive a porsche and vaca in Carribbe without working and sweating

    We the people are paying the price for it and US Gov and SEC is only watching

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  7. I think Nasdaq transactions are $100 Billion per day.
  8. The SEC Employees Watching Porn At Work Were Making Over $200,000/Year

    No wonder so many large corporations have been able to commit fraudulent activities without consequences...the "watchers" were busy elsewhere...

  9. shhhh! let the idiot keep talking...
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