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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Overnight, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Overnight


    Not long ago, if user A had user B on ignore, then user B would not see posts user A made.

    Easy to handle.

    But now, User B can see all posts user A types. So user B is typing to a ghost. User B is wasting time.

    How about this...In any thread, User B can see an indication that he/she is being ignored by User A, so User B does not waste time typing to User A?
  2. newwurldmn


    How often are you user B in your scenario?
  3. virtusa


    He can be C too...
  4. Overnight


    Here's an interesting example.

    I see @virtusa ,responding to my post through the export tool. That is how I know he is there, because he has me on ignore/block. So how did he see my thread? Did he /unignore me read my message and respond to it? Is he truly User C, as he said?
  5. Overnight


    There is no way to know unless User B can see a list of all the User As.
    • I have put everybody on Ignore/Block.
    • It took me a few months but it is worth it.
    • The only posts I see are mine and I find these forums much more informative now.
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  6. virtusa


    But you have one problem: if you ever get bored from yourself, you cannot block yourself...
  7. maxinger


    you took months to put 100 000+ people on ignore/block?

    That is interesting.
    But actually, the better solution is not to use the forum.

    whatever you want to write, go write it and just save it into your PC.
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  8. destriero


    Not true. A placing B on ignore removes B’s text, but the handle and post number will show. B can see all of A’s posts unless they are also on ignore/block.

    ‘A blocking B makes B disappear. B can not see A.