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  1. Folks I own AVAV for the military drones I had absolutely no idea a military supplier could be a " green " company it's amusing to say the least. But big AVAV is up a stick today and their partner in a strange joint venture is trading an highly unusual 13 MILLION shares that would be- ALTI a NANOTEC company.

    I don't understand the blurb on Briefing at all-
    8:54AM Altair Nanotechnologies, AeroVironmen, Go Green and Micro-Vett announce a 'successful', multiple fast-charge demonstration of an all electric delivery in Oslo, Norway (ALTI) 3.45 : AeroVironment (AVAV), ALTI, Micro-Vett, SPA and Go Green Holding, jointly announce the "successful" public demonstrations of the All-Electric Fiat Doblo to government officials and potential commercial customers in Oslo, Norway.

    After lunch we will tear into this but the scope of the move leads me to believe this may be the first Nanotech victory that I can think of and might have one looking at a company like TINY. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. ~ stoney
  2. I am so excited I just can't hide it.

    AeroVironment, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVAV), Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. 'Altairnano' (Nasdaq: ALTI), Micro-Vett, SPA and Go Green Holding AS, today jointly announced the successful public demonstrations of the All-Electric Fiat Doblo to government officials and potential commercial customers in Oslo, Norway. On October 2nd, half-way through an ongoing 60-day demonstration, the Micro-Vett Fiat Doblo, a regular size 5-seat station wagon vehicle, powered by a custom 18 kWh Altairnano high performance NanoSafe(R) battery pack, traveled 300 kilometers (186 miles) in an urban delivery circuit. The custom battery pack was fully recharged in less than ten minutes a total of three times using AeroViroments' high voltage, 125kW rated, rapid charging system.

    The Fiat Doblo is designed both as a commercial medium-duty transport vehicle, as well as a regular size family car. Micro-Vett has been converting standard vehicles to electric drive for the past 20 years, and today, they have a wide range of passenger and utility vehicles available for sale. Go Green expects to ship up to 20 Micro-Vett vehicles with Altairnano's 18 kWh NanoSafe(R) battery packs to customers in the next several months, and an additional 250 vehicles are planned for shipment in 2008. Altairnano offers a range of NanoSafe(R) battery packs for all-electric vehicles requiring from 10 to 35 kWh of energy storage.

    "Micro-Vett has been manufacturing electric vehicles since 1987 and so we constantly follow energy accumulation systems evolution, from batteries to fuel cells," said Massimiliano Di Gioia, Micro-Vett Vice President. "Until now we've seen some developments, but Altairnano's fast charge batteries have the potential to revolutionize electric vehicles and also the automotive industry. It was very exciting to see Doblo's charge level indicator going up visibly in Oslo. With Altairnano's fast charge batteries, we can overcome the primary electric vehicle limitation because we can achieve refueling times comparable to those of gasoline-powered vehicles."

    Wow. Props to ALTI a Topdown fave! @ $4.50. Now they will deliver 20 followed by 250 not bad but is it the new RAPID CHARGING PROCESS, that is really the story here I wonder? This ALL SOUNDS GAME CHANGING for the Elec car industry!!! ? Still Digging and I like Tiny here but there must be something wrong with the stock they are not allowing me to buy it online. i have to call some scary WE Trade number... Not sure I want to break that imaginary wall. It always leads to anger.
    ~ stoney
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    stoney, while the company looks legit, the one big problem i have is their constant selling of stock to finance their operations. they are sitting on 20ish mil in cash & investments but they sold close to 50 mil worth of stock in the past 2 years. i wonder how they will be able to function if they don't shut the printing presses down.?
    what are your thoughts on this? i'm in love with the idea of something better that LitIon batteries and to me it looks like LG is in the lead for the next phase of plug in hybrids to supply the batts. If these guys have it right it will be a goldmine, but can't they survive till they get it right?
  4. Thank You for bringing AeroVironment, Inc. stock symbol AVAV to my attention. I observe reporting increasing equity, revenues and decreasing liabilities for AeroVironment, Inc. I observe price breaking out of a 9 month trading range, and the stock appears publicly traded only about 9 months.
  5. You guys are BOTH dead on. I have issues with ALTI management and their cash usage, ability to get grants etc. And AVAV is a wondrous find. I first got intrigued by the all their drone work. And did anybody notice their competitor UMC (I believe- sounds like that) just recently got taken out. That leaves AVAV out their alone in unmanned drone land. as we pull the troops out we fly the unmanned planes around a lot more... And now we have this amazing goose. it seems to me whatever battery you are going to end up using in electric cars... you will be using the AVAV quick charge to go with it, a nice little kicker. No debt by the way, clean books, rising earnings, institutional support sector in favor!~ stoney
  6. Well of course I'm sitting here staring at my bong knowing that if I hit it i will end up with ALTI in my account at $4.35 it could easily make money today but I will be wary, oh so wary. Where is my personal straightjacket? I need my hands restrained right now....
  7. Don't do it. ALTI surges tag 4.70. 4.80-.85 zone resistance... stoney you can't find your lighter- sit down. Maybe a shower now would be a good idea... You just lost the easiest 50 cents in history don't do it, don't get sucked in... you are always the only one left holding for " The Big Payoff Bag".... No! Stop! Intervention! TopDown! How did you get in here? No!!!!!! That's my laptop! Nooooooooooooooo!
    Buy 700 ALTI Executed @ $4.43 Details | Edit
    10/10/07 10:34 AM EDT Buy 200 ALTI Executed @ $4.43 Details | Edit
    10/10/07 10:34 AM EDT Buy 800 ALTI Executed @ $4.43

    I hate myself! ~ stoney
  9. Ok afternoon update. And ALTI is looking good. stabilized up at $4.40 w a volume surge needed to set us off. Looking back at the history of this co do a ten year you will see how significant $4 level is if it were to hold. If some of the Scandinavian countries come through with orders this will be a $6 shortly. ~ stoney