Something Big is Brewing in the Middle East !

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    They don't look very big.
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    This is an interesting article about the dangers of the Large Hadron Collider and earth quakes. I hope this guy is just blowing smoke!

    On another note, I read several months ago about a theory as to why we haven't discovered any radio signals from other intelligent life in the universe. The theory says that when a society becomes sufficiently advanced to build and use for research a device such as the LHC the experiments cause the creation of never before seen particles that end up destroying the planet. Thus, civilizations all end by destroying themselves at about the same technological level that we are at now.
  4. lol... you make it seem as if humanity has creative/destructive powers = to God...
  5. F-k us! we don't deserve to survive! [​IMG]
  6. lol arkansas has had thousands of small quakes,, is that a sign of end times?
  7. Something big is brewing in the Middle East...LOL

    ......ANOTHER retarded, worthless thread