Something bad to happen in NY in March '07...

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  1. To quote David Burton in his article on Gann technical analysis published in "Your Trading Edge" magazine, Jan/Feb 2007...

    "Founded in 1614, New York could have major problems soon, as it is 392 years this year from 1614 - (49 x 8 is October 2006 to October 2007). There will be an eclipse in March 2007 on New York's natal Saturn. NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE."

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    You really don't want my thoughts on such stupidity
  3. Fair enough!

    Let's open it up a bit more...does anyone pay the slightest bit of attention, when it comes to trading, to astrology?

    A very well respected analyst (at a leading investment bank) whose research I occasionally get, often talks about planetary positions etc.
  4. No.
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    Sounds like the ramblings of a Meth user ...
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    maybe some importance meeting get mix up on March 11 and cause A Series of Unfortunate Events?

    if I was you I should worry about 02/27/07 first as lay out in Armstrong (the jailed guy) Articles:

  9. today's the day!

    ftse off 1.2% as we speak!!!!
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