someones running for cover

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  1. what is up w/ short term rates ??

    someone is hiding from something ..this is unprecedented
  2. sorry, but does that chart imply rates are dropping off a cliff or rising fast?
  3. The market is trying to force the feds hand.
  4. they are dropping off a cliff at the short end of the curve .... but these are historic moves ...
  5. yes ..very possible
  6. empee


    i agree its very ominous.
  7. Just goes to show you that there are too many dollars that need to find a home, the dollar is toast, when yields get this low, instead of settling for even lower yields, the foreigners will repatriate to other currencies. When that repatriation happens in earnest, you will see a dollar massacre with 100 yen/dollar and 1.5 euro/dollar.
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    Money Market funds are moving everything to a safe haven...

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    T-Bills down to 2.4% yield? SOMEBODY's scared.
  10. this is what has me worried a bit ..
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