Someone's reading my Yahoo Mail

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by PoundTheRock, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Please elaborate.........what do you mean by putting Red dye in the line?
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  2. Good reason to not go wireless...
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    It would help if we knew how many family members you have. It really sounds like wifey is nosey. If she has a keylogger, changing passwords won't help...

    To make it covering all family members, you should get 3 fake emails:

    1. Dad is sick.
    2. Last evening was wondeful, signed Carrie.
    3. Kid is a dumbass, you will disinherit him.

    THEN you watch who will make a noise....

    P.S.: To cover the dog too, make it:

    4. It is time to get neutered the barking bitch...
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    You can always say to your family members that you have figured out who has been logging into your yahoo account and see which one turns white as a ghost. :D

    If you have another pc in the house that they might be logging in from and if they aren't that technical you can download an index.dat reader and see the times and dates of when yahoo url's were accessed. If they are smart enough to use a IE cleaner program that would be a dead give away when the index.dat file is empty.

    Or maybe your giving them reasons to want to read your mail! lol

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  6. From: Pekelo:
    "P.S.: To cover the dog too, make it:

    4. It is time to get neutered the barking bitch..."

    You are funny Pekelo... I needed a good laugh!
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  7. Make up a fake story with detail. Only the person who reads this persons email would know this fake story. And you have your culprit. Thats what i mean by the red dye. When i was in my 20's i had a leak in my roof and the roofer put food dye in certain spots to find where the leak was coming from yellow/red/green, i thought that was a great idea to find a water leak but i also found it's a good way to find a leak in people also. Just like when MSCO went highbid and was hitting the ISLD bids through the market(wish fyi's was still around). My point here is caught you little sneak lol.
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  8. Well, you need to clean your keyboard thoroughly (or just the outside of the laptop if its closed), then you'll need a good sealed container, and a good amount of superglue...a small brush and some dry powder graphite; then.........

    Bah, cant you just set up a hidden cam?
    Save a heck of a lot of mess.

    Hey, even if it is being hacked externally, you'd still want to know who's looking at your files domestically.
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  9. If it was the government reading your email, they'd cover their tracks and mark the messages unread..

    it has to be an amateur idiot who reads someone's mail and doesn't mark it unread.
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    Dang it, I forgot to mark them as unread? :D
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