Someone's reading my Yahoo Mail

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by PoundTheRock, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Screw the appendectomy. Go all out, say its cancer. Someone will cave.
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  2. Geezus, LOL. I like your style.
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    send a message to yourself marked top secret, it says bluehorshoe love CSCO mortgage the house, sell the car if you have to. If thing work out you get your revenge, if not you have a very grateful snooper. :D
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  4. I like that one. lmao
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  5. LOL, I was hoping you had something similar to short GOOG at the IPO. Any way I can get hold of Kass's son?
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  7. At my school, when people get done using a computer, they close the browser but dont log off... lol, what they dont realize is, unless you delete the browser history, the user names and passwords get rememberd sometimes, and their account is open to everyone.

    or if you hit the "remember my username / password" even though the browser is not open, you're still logged in..all you got to do is got to yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail..whatever, and see who didn't log out. Sometimes it's worse.. like ebay or amazon where someone can have access you financial info.

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    if you have wireless and are not logging in to yahoo secure, it's easy for a neighbor or some dork sittin outside your house in their car to sniff out your yahoo mail header with your login and pwd...
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    I don't know about Yahoo US but I do know that in Asia at least it is very easy to get a PI to get you someone's Yahoo passowrd. Costs about $300-500. I don't know how they do it but suspect they either have yahoo or IP employees on the take or hackers who know how to get the passwords.
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  10. Have you all forgotten about the Patriot Act?

    You should read it. Could explain a lot. They often get the wrong guy.
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