Someone's reading my Yahoo Mail

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  1. Hey, here's a good one. I logged into my Yahoo Mail account and noticed that some of the messages in my Inbox were not highlighted, i.e., someone read a few of my messages but did not go back and mark them as unread. I suspect a family member and want to set a trap.

    Is there any way for me (or Yahoo) to trace the identity of any computer that is logging into my Yahoo Mail account? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. Change your password right away.
  3. I will, but first I want to identify the person first, especially if it's someone I know. :(
  4. That's pretty shitty. Unless there is someone who knows your password, it's probably being done from your own computer. I have yahoo mail and when I close the browser without logging out and go back to yahoo mail I am automatically logged back in. Maybe that happened with whoever else may be using your computer?!
  5. Put some RED dye in the line. And whoever knows that it's red dye is the one your looking for. If windows has the password saved and someone else has access to your pc then they don't need your password. Or if your logged in all the time then they just have to point and click. Would annoy me also. Good luck
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    Sounds like your wife or gf is checking up on you.
  7. Install a keylogger that time stamps. If Joe Blow logs into Yahoo mail and enters your user/pass @ 9:00 , then goes to ET at 9:01, well then you've pinned it to the finance person in your family..
  8. Well, I'm going to have my brother send me a message about my father's mock appendectomy and then see if someone inquires. I login to the account only on this laptop, to which nobody else has access. What I really need is the IP of the computer that is logging into Yahoo Mail remotely.

    Thanks for your responses. Any other neat ideas?
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  10. brother send me a message about my father's mock appendectomy and then see if someone inquires.

    Do what you want but i wouldn't say that. Don't wish that on your dad. Make up something else like thinking of moving to another city or something. Good luck
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