Someone used my IB account to trade!!!

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    Someone traded 2500 shares of INFX stock with my account and I was told by the IB customer service rep that I owned the trades/shares basically.
    I asked him to look at the IP address and my account history so he could see that I only trade e-minis...
    I asked what to do with the shares and he said they could not provide "advice" on what to do with them.
    I asked if I will get my money back and they don't know, but he definitely left many open doors to get out of it.

    My PC is VERY secure with hardware firewall; I tried all the scans out there to check for vulnerabilities and none where found...

    What should I do?

    No success yet :mad:
  2. I think what most likely happened is the clearing firm put the long stock in the wrong account. It happened to me once or twice at a prop shop, I am sure it can happen at a retail one as well.

    Keep screaming at customer service to track down where the original purchase order for the stock came from so they can put it in the right account.
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    Thank you; I will keep hard at it... I hope that resolves the issue.

    Though, I told the rep that maybe they made a mistake and he was VERY fast to say NO WAY!
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    does it make it worse because they bought an otcstock thats down15%yesterday.
    to bad they didnt grab rimm for ya
  5. LOL they probably didn't. I bet the clearing firm made a mistake and IBs computers only read what the clearing firm attributes to your account. So as far as IB is concerned, if it is in your account it is yours. Just keep pressing.

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    No kidding lol
  7. doesnt IB self clear?
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    I have no idea...
  9. Should be easy to prove/disprove if it came from your computer.

    At the top of TWS go to: Configure ---> Misc ---> Is Audit Trail checked?

    It should be. Check that Audit (in the Jts folder)!

    11:21:58:546 JTS-FixDispatcher-747: processing live order from cache
    11:21:58:546 JTS-FixDispatcher-747: Intelligent order recovery order: id=1406503381 mod=0 liq=false sym=ANDE state=jfix.tb acct=U70521 cum=0 conid=4726335 exch=SMART compExch=null best=ISLAND time=0 secType=STK basket=null ddeId=17608 avpx=1.7976931348623157E308 SELL 50 at 35.42 stop 1.7976931348623157E308 jfix.tb
    11:21:58:609 JTS-FixDispatcher-747: Handling a live order for MSCC 0000e939.000106c9.4519fcae.0001
    11:21:58:609 JTS-FixDispatcher-747: Intelligent order recovery exec rpt: false SLD 0 MSCC 0.00 ISLAND STK 20060927-18:21:58 0 17609 0
  10. gurzilla

    A broker dealer can not force you to keep a trade or stock that shows up in your account if no order was entered for your account. Contact their compliance director, explain your situation, give them a short time to get it resolved (maybe 48 hours). Tell him if it is not resolved to your satisfaction by then you will file a written complaint with the NASD & SEC.

    These errors do happen. Be careful though. I have seen more than one case where the client decided to close out the error trade by offsetting it because it was still in his account and going against him. Then once the original error was corrected, the order he DID enter turned into a position in his account. BIG MESS.

    MAKE SURE no one (family, friend, enemy, etc.) entered the order from your computer. Make sure you are in the right. Contact compliance, tell them you have a complaint. Explain your situation, log all the contact, time and date info. Get a resolution or then definitely DO file your written complaint.

    I used to be a Director of Compliance and also owned an independent Broker Dealer.

    Good Luck

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