Someone used my IB account to trade!!!

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    Someone traded 2500 shares of INFX stock with my account and I was told by the IB customer service rep that I owned the trades/shares basically.
    I asked him to look at the IP address and my account history so he could see that I only trade e-minis...
    I asked what to do with the shares and he said they could not provide "advice" on what to do with them.
    I asked if I will get my money back and they don't know, but he definitely left many open doors to get out of it.

    My PC is VERY secure with hardware firewall; I tried all the scans out there to check for vulnerabilities and none where found...

    What should I do?

    No success yet
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  3. I had one where I got a email notification from IB that they were going to open a new account in my name. The only thing was I hadn't applied to open any accounts recently.

    I fired off a couple of emails on a Friday and they nailed it on Monday. The only worry was that it happened at all...
  4. gurzilla


    Thank you everyone for your help, support, info, concern, etc...

    Here's the latest info:

    Though I received an email from IB stating that the trades came from my IP address (which is impossible since NO ONE EVER has or had access to my PC).

    I just finished talking to someone at IB and I was told they were going to reverse the positions/trades as if they never happened and that I will see the results on Monday...

    I am thankful they are going to reverse the trades; however, the reps seemed to be angry, short, annoyed, etc. when I asked what had happened or why that happened... Fact is, I am VERY concerned and fearfull that this may happen again.

    We shall see by Monday... I will post an update.

    Thank you Steve_IB for being so helpful, POLITE, and REALLY concerned about my situation.

    My best to everyone.

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