Someone stole unreleased bills from the Federal Reserve in Airport Heist

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  1. Unbelivable!! Plane from Dallas to Philly has its cargo - $100 bills- stolen while on route to Philly Fed.
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    What he is going to do with all that toilet paper?
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  4. He's probably going to try to move it to a Russian bank that, if mob owned, will use it as capital, never push it out of their vault and then rob whatever actual capital is left in the bank.

    That said, doing 8 to 15 is the most likely outcome.

  5. This is something that i would imagine would be possible.

    I was going to post something similar, but will refrain now due to your post.

  6. It's a good thing nothing of any value was taken!:D
  7. Am I being punked? Seriously this is right out of Goodfellas.

    I don't know who is the bigger crook though, could you amend your thread and start a poll on that one:p :D
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  9. I respect a wise criminal the guy that robs the 7-11 I don't. Pull a gun or hack into a database sure, just make sure the risk to reward is there.
  10. Loan it to us government at interest.
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