Someone please stop Bernanke !

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  1. Ben Shalom Bernanke needs to be removed from office.
    Why isn't everyone seeing the evidence ?
    We are in the mother of all bubbles, the recovery and rise in asset price we are witnessing is unprecedented and clearly artificial. This is all the previous bubbles combined into one .
    Bernanke is a criminal , he is a financial terrorist.
    Whether this is out of incompetence or by design, it doesn't matter. The result is the same.
    He could bring about another Hitler, remember he was also senior economic advisor of an evil administration . So when a republican who worked for an ultra conservative, laissez-faire and corrupted administration says QE is for helping the unemployed, you have got to laugh in the guy's face.
  2. bernanke studied teh great depression as his thesis.

    he thinks monetary policy of not expanding the money supply after crash cause the depression to go deeper.

    the great depression of 1929 was just market correction of good money chasing bad money in the roaring 20's...massive debt and massive investment of individuals into th stocks market ponzi scheme similiar to 1999 bubble..everybody wanted to own stocks....

    what cause the crash of 1929 to become 'depression' was unregulated financial system prior tt 1929 and banks going under...not money supply issues..AND trade tarriffs between countries after the 1929 crash 'recession'... these boom and bust cycles happen every 10 years...1973/1974 1982.---1992 2002 and now 2010...there is nothing the gov't to about boom and bust cycles.and fraud in the economy as th case of sub prime fraud... the economy just needs to readjust and move captial to sectors that make money... creditors just become more strict in hat they lend to investors are more seletive of invesments adn p/e goes single digits...risk is not welcomed. speculation dies...down. itis' in recessions that is when companies and stocks are sold at intrinsic value... and wealth is created again not in good money chasing bad money etc.....

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    Bubble ben bernanke is what he is known as......

    Remember the only way to create growth in the u.s. economy is through the creation of asset bubbles and that is what is taking place right this very second.

    All the worthless monopoly money and easy money policies under Bubble ben bernanke is creating nothing but bubbles, look at history just over the last 10-20 years and take notice that this economy has been inflated at every chance it could get. Every bull is a fool to believe that there is real growth in the economy, why they can comprehend that it's all an illusion is beyond me!!!!!!
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    Blaming Bernanke and the Fed for this shit is like blaming the doctor who is giving you chemotherapy for your lung cancer for your demise, when the fact is that you should have quit smoking 30 years ago.

    It is Congress who has pissed away all this money on wars and social programs, and we are the ones who have voted for them.

    Every Fed chair, including Bernanke, Greenspan, and Volcker, has repeatedly sat in front of Congress during their tenure and told them to stop spending money irresponsibly.

    This is the stupidity of the American people. They only look at what happened last week, at what the media is spoon feeding them. There is no memory. Same reason people cannot trade successfully--recency bias.
  8. Bernanke is actually doing a great job trying to fix the mistakes of others. Americans as a collective tend to diss really good people and revere idiots like George W. Bush ( who supposably has charisma but to me just looks to be dumb as rocks ).

    Gee, America has debt issues. Roll back the tape to how most arrogant Americans were acting just prior to the Iraq invasion.
    Wonder where that was headed ? Just who on earth was paying for that megla-destruction I wonder ( hint - grab a mirror people ).

    Truth is, many baby boomer Americans grew up with easy to get jobs and low taxes. Now a more challenging scenario comes in many people don't know how to deal with it. This seems to be the way with "super powers" throughout history, they get big heads then screw up royally. Too bad for your kids, they have the hangover of the cheap ride a whole generation had.

    Stop blaming smart people making progress to get your country working again.
  9. That last two posts are fucking moronic. Look at the price of all commodities, Bernanke is creating a run away freight train of inflation. Nobody sees it? It's ridiculous how fast it is happening before our eyes. My gold necklace around my neck that I bought for 300 in 2002 is now worth 2500. But it still buys the same amount. Fucking assholes at the fed. Look at oil heading back to 100, silver at 30... heading to 50. Copper wire in the store has gone up 30% in a month. Etcetera, etcetera. You're all fucked if you don't see it.
  10. I know. It's pretty much hopeless to argue with these idiots. A textbook case of Stockholm Syndrome.
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