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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by pythagoras, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. Please help me to understand these rules. My earlier post, which included a slightly negative comment about a certain retail firm which advertises heavily on this board was deleted.

    So.. I can post a spank-the-monkey poll, but I can say anything even remotely negative about a sponsor?

    Moderators and anyone else please clarify.
  2. tracedef

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    posts or replies I submit are deleted........:D
  3. thats what I figured.
    Does this certain retail firm have a moderator on this board?
  4. I judged your post to have no other purpose than to incite people. So yes, I deleted it.

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  5. Oh come on guys, wake up and smell the roses. These guys pay the bills. You would do the same thing. Its easy to be righteous when money is not on the line. Money rules the world; not some glossy set of ideals. You can accept this and get on with your business or spend your life griping about things you cannot change and working yourself into a froth.
  6. To clarify -- I do not work for that firm nor do I have any stake other than making sure the posts in Retail Firms stay within relatively civil boundries.
  7. py, in my experience, any post against a sponsor of this site will get squashed.....baron seems fair in general, but dont mess with his sponsors
  8. alanm


    You must be kidding. People have posted what amounts to slander against firms and other users, without being censored. AFAIK, only personal attacks and profanity are taboo.
  9. the rule is whatever happens is the rule. ET isn't perfect but it is damm close. you can say just about whatever you wish with very little censorship. i think it nice. but from time to time if management needs to suppress a comment or two to pay the bills here so be it (making no claims one way or the other). it is called REALITY. i can live very happily with that.