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  1. and make some trading software that is mac compatible. Every time I turn on parallels to run ninja I have to deal with stupid ridiculous windows and all its BS. Crashing all the time, all these random errors and plug-ins I have to download. It feels like I'm stepping back in time from my other monitor with OS-X. I hate it. Who is going to make a trading program we can run on OS-X?:confused:
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    ... (Insert cricket sound here) .... :p
  3. you wouldnt go camping with a roadster coupe, so why are you trading using a macintosh? they're for video editors and girls...
  4. running windows natively in bootcamp might help... VM's are not bug free
  5. Because mac's are better. Period. It's never been so obvious as now.
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    Agree. Trading on a windows PC is basically irresponsible due to the immense security and stability risk, not to mention the horrendous customer support because your components and software (drivers) are made by 573 different firms from around the world.

    Yet fuckwit retards like TT and Reuters have PC-only technology. These guys should stop surfing for porn at the office, and do their fucking jobs (no pun intended).