Someone needs to ask Bernake this

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  1. Mr Bernake, how have all the measures taken by the fed helped the American people?
  2. I don't get all this blame Bernanke shit.

    Was it Bernanke who went out and bought a house he could not afford?

    Was it Bernanke who acted as a mortgage broker and lied on applications to get business and close loans?

    Was it Bernanke who acting as hedge fund over-leveraged themselves on sub-prime assets and stuff?

    People bitch about the government interfering but the govt did not do any of this shit, private people do it to themselves and then cry.

    People need to take personal responsibility.

    Cannot believe Bernanke is blamed for currnet market mess.

    THose who are begging for Bernanke to save them are no worse than welfare users who purposely ask for government handouts and choose not to do anything to better their situation.

    Grow up everyone. If you were long biased all the way since AUG and took losses stop blaming Bernanke by you being blind in current market conditions. If you have a floating mortgage or interest only you cannot afford, sell your house and show some fiscal responsibility already. Our country bails out the rich everytime they mess up (LTCM, BSC, etc..).
  3. I think you're mistaking him for someone who gives a shit.
  4. Did you just see Kennedy go off on him?!
  5. When their action affects what Americans get on their savings, yes I blame Bernake. Mortgage rate have not come down Jumbo loans have risen. Yet the yield we get on our cash is less then the rate of inflation.

    Yes I blame Bernake. Know one but the banks are benefiting, they are padding their margins with the spread. Americans get ZERO benefit.

    Jumbo Rates, thru the roof. Yes great job.
  6. They also LIE about the inflation rate so we investors don't demand higher rates for bond investments.

    High inflation rate, low return on savings, income taxes => continual erosion of buying power + FORCING citizens to own risky investments thereby supporting stock and real estate markets.

    Gummint manipulation to its own ends in the finest... :mad:
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    While the subprime mess may not have been Bernanke's fault, sorry but why the hell do we listen to this moron was COMPLETELY WRONG about it, in the first place. I CLEARLY remember what 2 months before last August market tumple of 10%, Bernanke saying how subprime was contained, don't worry everything will be fine in short. COULD HE HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!!!

    Now that we are probably somewhere near a bottom. All his speaches are about how bad things are and are probably going to get worse, now the market is rallying, and we may be near the bottom of the credit crisis, at the least there's seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, which most were looking for. So once again, he's probably COMPLETELY wrong. And implementing measures that now, we probably don't even need!

    Then, all I heard about Bernanke from MSNBC 2 years ago when he became fed chief was.... Oh he's going to be so much more transparent then Greenspan! OH REALLY!? Dam I hear one fed official say one thing and another say the exact opposite the next dam day almost. And their talk as inflation fighters is the most untransparent thing they have going! lol.

    Anyways all suspect and I could go on, but only had 2 hours of sleep last night. Oh and the guy was appointed by Bush, the same guy that wanted to put everyone's retirement money in the stock market, oh man what a disaster that would have been. The same guy that had us beleiving pick up trucks in Iraq were mobile chemical labs, the same guy that not too long ago said finicial markets were strong. lol. Wow. Don't even want to know where this Bernanke term is going.
  8. Aye, there's the rub.
  9. Are your atrocious attempts at spelling and grammar due to lack of sleep or intellectual deficiency?

    Just kidding, btw.
  10. You're right but think it through.

    Without deficits and the corresponding government debt there wouldn't be such a concept as "riskless" return on capital. In the early 80's the argument was the opposite. Corporate/private borrowers said "why should we have to compete with runaway Treasury supply". IOW's if you want yield then you must take risk. High Treasury yields are really just a de facto socialist entitlement for savers. In a perverse way of course.....

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