Someone isn't taking their meds.

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  1. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. The blind trying to lead the blind. I know this kid posts on here and he must be out of his mind. At least we can get a laugh at his antics for wasting peoples time and trying to mislead people.

    Sorry to make fun of you man, but come on, get a don't have one and you are a moron for trying to mislead others that you can help them.
  2. haha, nice post Frank. I think he'll learn in time that what he is trying to do now is foolish.
  3. This person needs anti-psychotic medication and should be under the care of a doctor or at least Tom Cruise.
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    OP is late I already analyzed this kid

    you know he is OK its just that at his age they think they know it all

    when they know nothing
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    It starts to be less of a joke and more of a fraud
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    5 subscribers but they're probably just other kids playing at being grown-up. Hopefully he will wake up to himself before he does any harm to himself or anyone else! Realistically how many brokers are going to risk their own money with them! So they feel the pain of losing their drinking money, It's all just part of lifes rich tapestry for them.

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