Someone is upset

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  2. I would agree with the guy. Good luck makin' any money with forex.
  3. I like it.
  4. One of the best pieces of info I have read on the internet about trading.
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    He is right on about system vendors.
  6. If you truly believe this loser why would you be waisting your time crusing forex forums?
  7. This guy didn't give a single reason why (his 99.9% losers
    statestic) traders can't make money?

    He is one pissed off guy who lost big money, and nothing else.
    He did't even reveal his identity
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    Umm, this is in the Trading forum, not the Forex forum..
  9. That story just made my week! Thanks for that. HAHAHA!
  10. You can make money in Forex.
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