someone I know is gaming the intern system.

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  1. I guess a loophole, he gets a bunch of Interns from college grad pools and (Free labor) and recycles with every new graduation group.

    I wonder how many companies do this. And it seems colleges push this work for free for 1 year minimum after you graduate so you can get experience.
  2. Free intern bs ought to be illegal. Another example of business trumping labor.
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    It's the 'new' economy. Volunteer labor for the chance of *paid* labor in the future.

    Speaks volumes about the American economy...
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    Interning is not a new practice. Poor little interns. Forced under the hand of the man.

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  5. Welcome to Kramerica.
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    You can also do VA's for $2-3/hour out of the Philippines...where their minimum is $.77/hour usually.
  7. Socialism already exists. Look at this circle of money. Anyhow back in the Days for example IBM would hire you, pay you and you would be trained on the job and move up. This internship nonsense did not exist in the 60s

  8. It used to be that kids only went to school to learn to read, write and do arithmatic. Then at age 10 or 12 or so, they go do an apprenticeship for 7 years (the last year they get paid a journeymans wage) So before a kid is 20 years old, he is already high skilled in a profession.

    There are so many professions today that require degrees which could just as easily be taught on the job over so many years. It would work out so much better doing it that way than the system we have in place, as the teacher would have the benefit of very very cheap labor for 6 years, and the student has the benefit of learning and not having any debt when he is done.

    Of course back then the law only allowed for 1 apprentice per teacher, so a man couldnt just go out and get a bunch of child laborers to make shoes, and the teacher also had to teach the apprentice all aspects of the business, from marketing and sales, to keeping the books and everything in between. I think doing something like this again would work well as it would help small business owners compete with large corporations, not to mention save on schooling. If we got kids out of school by age 12 or 13 we save billions on education. Really the only thing useful the average person learns in school is reading writing & arithmatic...beyond that, by the time they are 20 they have forgotten all that other useless information that they were forced to learn since kindergarten. If you dont believe me, watch the show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" and see how many people actually havent got a clue as to what they learned in school.
  9. Agree in part with your idea, but I'd boost the age to minimally 16, but realistically 18. They are better off developing some social skills, at least a bit of emotional maturity before they are put into a system like you advocate. At the very least, it would bypass the stage where they enter the university system and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt, only to enter a similar career path 4 years later.

    The fly in the ointment with this theory is that the higher education racket would be up in arms over it. As written about in other threads, the main motivation is to generate billions in student debt, not to educate.
  10. This is becoming rampant. Same thing is also happening in the EU. And yes, it sounds like a way to get free labor. When the next batch of students graduate, the entire process starts anew.
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