Someone here with experience in british stocks?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by patrick, Sep 14, 2001.

  1. patrick


    I need advice for a good datafeed for trading british stocks at the london stock exchange. Perhaps somebody is trading at the LSE and can help me. TIA

  2. jskeldon


    I read somewhere on this board, that their is a 1/2% tax on each trade. Wow, how can anyone trade these stocks short term, especially day trade them.
  3. def

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    50bps is correct. IB now offers british stocks and thus you can get a live datafeed as a client.

    United Kingdom
    Stocks 0.1% of stock value with £5.00 minimum
    .5% UK Stamp tax, 1% Irish Stamp tax on purchases.
    Futures-L&Z £2.95
    Futures-ZMI £1.95
  4. dkamp

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    hi def,
    Were you implying in previous post that UK futures trades are also subject to 0.5% tax, or was listed futures commission the total cost. Also, does tax show up on IB accounting, or is it something we pay later? Thanks.
  5. dkamp

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    ...and are you referring to trading ZMI directly on LIFFE?
    ...and do you know anything about the liquidity and volatility of this contract? (along lines of previous discussion of HSI)
    ...and is there any better chance of us getting live quotes for this contract into a charting package? (Are any of you other guys already doing this?)

  6. def

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    there shouldn't be stamp tax on futures, I'm not sure about liquidity or charting packages. Offhand, I'd say the futures are much more liquid than HK. However, if you wish, I can contact our European traders and get the info on Monday.

    I should probably also add that the following European markets are now offered besides the UK:
    france - futures
    germany - stocks/futures/options
    switzerland - stocks/warrants

    I haven't tested yet but I believe they can be traded from one screen and/or account.
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