Someone help me with trade-ideas please

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  1. I'm trying to filter for a very specific setup, and what I have SHOULD work, but instead the software is giving results that have absolutly nothing to do with the filters I gave it..

    here are my settings that you need to copy and paste into t.i if you have it so you can see what I'm looking at.

    I'm trying to find inside bars on daily charts.. look at MDC and MW if you dont know what that is.

    Using the range contraction filter should work but it doesn't. :mad:

  2. ok well et is being retarded and wont post the link settings" AS IS", but keeps changing them by putting stupid ass url tags around the links.

    so here, add average daily vol of 350,000
    stock price between 25 and 80
    new highs and lows
    and a range contraction filter setting of "2"
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    Links work just fine... Just long URLs are "shortened" visually. Clicking the "shortened" link still works as expected.

    How do you check if your filter works? Do you look at "history" on the Web-site?
  4. LeeD


    I think the problem with your strategy is the signal is only triggered when the last 15-minute bar marks a new day's low and a new day's high at the same time, which is probably not what you want to do.

    Graphically, it the signal is triggered only when bars look something like this:


    with the last bar making a new low and a new high at the same time
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    Can't do that with Trade-Ideas.

    You need an EOD stock scanner that's based on criteria, not an intraday event alerting system like TI is.
  6. Then why is the range contraction filter setting based on number of days and not minutes to hours?
  7. Try this version instead
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    use the NR7 filter that will "generally" bring up inside bars on any time frame, then you can add other filters on top of that
  9. Thats weak don't come here looking for help figure it out yourself, it's the only way in the business.
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