Someone help me with this chart...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jonbig04, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Just a basic candlestick, not even real time...but WTF is with the price side? Why are there 3 1922's, but only one 1923 etc etc? That makes no sense to me. Please spare me the noob comments.
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    It's part of the new globex policy. Some people were advocating for a smaller tick size on NQ while other wanted it to remain as is. Instead, CME decided to triple 1 level out of 2.
  3. wtf......
  4. Someone help a brotha out

    damnit i just want to go somewhere where i can get a chart that updates every 1 or 5 minutes, doesnt have to be real time. Im writing my trades on fucking notebook a brotha!!
  5. It's just the data vendor having problems with their price quotes on the right side of the chart with multiple 1928s, 1926s, 1924s and 1922s.

    However, that same data vendor doesn't have the same problem in their realtime data in comparison to what's occurring in their delayed free data.

  6. Thanks bro.

    The candlesticks kept CHANGING COLOR too. All I want to do is watch it for 10 minutes, write down what i think, and see what happens for the next 10. Damnit. Maybe I can get a free trial somewhere...the Man is tryin to keep me down. :mad:
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    jon its real slow but you can draw lines on a chart at bigcharts and there are delayed charts at barcharts