someone had to have the balls to menton it....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by neophyte321, Feb 5, 2008.

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    White Flight and Obama? ... Frankly, I'd shoot myself before I was ruled by blacks ...
  2. Well, good riddance....
  3. would you like to borrow a gun. i will furnish the bullets free of charge.
  4. neophyte321

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    I was being ironic ...

    no, I was being honest ...

    fact is, .... it's all downhill from here
  5. lar


    Why wait?
  6. As long as you live in Oregon, assistance is legal.
  7. dinoman


    Here is a cliff jump for it! I won't vote for Obama based on pure policy issues. If you have issues with the color of his skin though, JUMP JUMP JUMP AWAY!
  8. I think its clear that the majority of us who posted feel you should go right ahead with your plan.....

    As of right now it looks as though Obama is going to be in it to the end, which means he has a good chance of winning.

    You might want to do the adult thing, and get your affairs in order before you leave.

  9. maxpi


    I would vote for Alan Keyes on policy, who cares about so called "race", there isn't much difference between races anyhow... it's 99% cultural [and the cultural differences can be huge]. Alan Keyes talks and it resonates with me, not that I think he can win anything....
  10. Obama vs McCain: I wont vote.
    McCain vs Hillary: wont vote
    Romney vs Obama/Clinton: Romney.

    BTW: Obama vs McCain sounds more like Carter vs Ford II (new millenium) :)

    I think that Obama will be a passive fence straddler who won't push for anything.

    Obama has put himself into a box. He's depicted himself as somebody who is "above" the give and take of politics, somebody who is "pure." If he defends himself, he risks turning off the supporters who have idealized him, and rather than lose that, he has instead decided to play the victim. That way he can still be "pure." But now he has no voice.
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