Someone gives you $50,000. Where do you put it right now?

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  1. I have $50,000 cash sitting in a savings account doing essentially nothing. I don't want to add it to my trading account. I just want it to sit somewhere relatively safe and earn decent interest.

  2. I would agree. Wait till the dust settles. Staying in cash is a safe bet for now.
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    Wait for strong 10% bounce, then BUY Profunds BEAR fund
  5. Look at Muni-ETFs from your state, double tax-free and probably less risk than your big banks. Some states are yielding around 7%, that's near 10% taxable. Panic selling and more carry-trade unwinding could push yields up to the 10-12% area...that yield will suck money off the moon:)

    A 30%+ ROI from price appreciation and high yield is not impossible(If you can buy at the bottom.). Look at some charts, they tend to historically bounce at about the same price level.

    BTW:'s search table is sortable by yield.
  6. 10K into US CD or Treasury
    10K into Australian Treasury
    10K into South African Treasury
    10K into another higher yielding
    10K etc.

    In the back of the Economist is a graph of what Gov debt is yielding in the different countries around the globe.

    Create your own basket of bonds and be multi-nationally diversified
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  8. Come on, it's the investment of a lifetime according to one of et's finest spammers......PAL!!! If I were you, I would buy this equity with not only the 50k, but on margin as well. Also, cash advance to the hilts on CC's, and a 2nd or even 3rd mortgage. Don't worry about the interest payments, this baby is going from 3 1/2 to triple digits!
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