Someone cleaned up my IB account (almost)

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    So who was your 'friend' Mishka?

    And what was the outcome?

    How'd they get access to your acct? ie did they personally know you? or did they get your email and slip you a trojan? and grabbed your pw etc?

    I'm glad a IB rep was here trying to help make the company better. Better then no rep at all.
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  2. CAUTION....Please read

    if you have been a victim of identity theft immediatly call all three credit reporting agencies and put a fraud alert on your reports. This will stop all new attempts at new loans and all that inquire on your reports will be alerted! As far as your current accounts the normal processes of turning them off and getting new account numbers re-issued will be explained to you from the reporting agencies along with the protocoll for other gov't issued ID's and agencies.


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    Seems suspicious to me that Mishka is very outspoken about all other details, but will not answer your questions. Since you've scared all of us IB customers by posting all of this Mishka, I think you owe us some answers.
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    I would add one point to your letter:

    - why not make it possible to use a password of more than 8 characters.
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  5. How do you know before it's too late that you are a victim of identitiy theft?? Is there anything you can check on occassion if somebody is using your name to do some loans or purchase or something??
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  6. I use a few Spyware programs. Trendmicro, Spycop, Spybot, and Windows defender. My computer is scanned on a daily basis by Trendmicro and on a weekly basis with the other programs. The internet explorer is set at the highest settings in regards to security and privacy that will allow me decent browsing (med high).

    In addition, I change my passwords using a random password generator on a biweekly basis. I also utilize a program called Roboform. This program fills in the passwords for you and defeats keyloggers. My computer has an AMD processor which has some advantages in the anti-virus relm, dont ask, I dont know. (hehe)

    I utilize a new Linksys router which has a firewall and the wireless part is password protected.

    My computer is password protected and locks up after 20 minutes. The password is a simple one so I can get back into the computer quick, but will prevent a family member from tampering with the system.

    You should buy a new anti-virus/scanning program each year. Use only the newest versions. For example, dont use TrendMicro 2005 in 2006. Trash the router every 2 years so you can get the newest firewall and security. There are newer, more powerful firewalls and wireless security features added every year.

    The only person that should have access to your trading computer is you. Dont let the kids, wife or friends use it to surf the web. At all times it should be password protected.

    After reading your post, I am going to go ahead today and redo all my passwords.
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  7. You can subscribe to one of several companies that watch your accounts for activity and then report it to you. Some check weekly, some daily and some even do it constantly. is recommended by one of the leading financial consultants in the US. They not only watch your account for activity, but help you get things back to normal if you do get hacked.

    Just do a search, there are many more as well.

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  8. In the United States you can subscribe to an alert service to email you when an inquiry or any change has been requested or posted on your Credit Report. Contact the three credit bureau's for this service. There may be a combined service that automates this for you. Another alternative is to simply check your reports routinely.

    Michael B.

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