Someone bought $3,400 worth of SHIB last August. It’s now worth $1.55 billion

Discussion in 'Crypto Assets' started by johnarb, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. Snarkhund


    Yeah I think I've read enough of your posts. On Ignore.
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  2. Butterfly


    thanks for proving my point LOL :)
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  3. RedDuke


    Do you mind sharing why you called people crypto idiots? I assume you have no or very little crypto, just like me. If you look at what happened in crypto and how much money was made (grated price is fake due to Tethers, but it does not matter right now), aren't you and I idiots?
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  4. Butterfly


    I guess you could be called an idiot for not engaging into the drug trade and make millions :)

    it's how you make it that is important, not the means to make it

    a bit like winning Olympic medals without taking drugs :p
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  5. RedDuke


    well illegal drugs is a crime, crypto is not. So not a fair comparison. And this is the only time in history where few hundreds turned into Mullions in just 1 decade, as far as a I know.

    Granted even if a small portion of people try to collect it will collapse, or tether is removed. But today, early adapters generated immense wealth. So who are the idiots ?????:sneaky:
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    You keep talking about dealing drugs, are you a drug dealer? are you addicted to drugs? :D:D:D
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  7. I'm a salty no-coiner too, but I suppose we're still early and there's still time.
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  8. johnarb


    I'm sorry, did not mean to offend everyone who's not invested in crypto, only the ones who are attacking the space or who have an agenda to spread fud so others are prevented from getting in

    The sad part is that the mainstream financial news has been the biggest influence in preventing people from investing in bitcoin and cryptos

    CNBC has covered bitcoin in a negative light since bitcoin was less than $100. Bloomberg had many negative headlines about bitcoin

    We're still very early, imho. Dan Tapiero has many videos on the growth of the cryptos industry, he has a fund called 10T which is named after the vision of the cryptos ecosystem having market valuation of $10T in 10 years, but is looking to be a very conservative target

    Currently, the cryptos ecosystem is well over $3T, this includes the investment funds that are investing in the cryptos infrastructure, not just the market cap of all the tokens

    Three Arrows Capital, a16z, 10T, NYDIG funds, Skybridge, the bitcoin etf futures, pension funds, corporate treasuries, and on and on, money is overwhelmingly flowing into the cryptos industry

    I'm biased, though, as investment portfolio is practically all-in on bitcoin and cryptos

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  9. No offense taken. LOL.

    I've been one of the skeptics and I suppose I still am in some ways, but I'm slowly learning more and even when being skeptical I've considered the fact that my skepticism could be based on my lack of understanding/knowledge.

    I now fully believe BTC and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

    How it all will play out in the future is of course uncertain, but it seems like a smart move to at least have a small stake in crypto with such a portfolio being heavily weighted with BTC/ETH and the other half (or less) in some more speculative coins.
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  10. RedDuke


    We will have our chance to join. I got few ethers when it dropped below 2K. That is all I have for now unfortunately. If stable coins regulation will have real teeth, and Tethers are exposed for what they are, the whole market will collapse, this would be our chance to get in.

    There is of course a possibility it will not happen.
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