someone at IB needs thier ass kicked

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  1. Halted all Amex securities when Amex went down even though all stocks continue to trade.

    Cant enter or exit position.

    Chat no response.
  2. Is it just me or is the chat almost always impossible to get into? Some days I try for hours, and never get in.

    And yeah, the AMEX thing sucks.

  3. You mean to tell me every ETF trader is stuck for the last 45 minutes? Didnt have any open position but would have been very unhappy not to be able to trade.

    Whats the excuse for not fixing this promptly?
  4. seems logging in and out cleared some, but RTH still in halted state
  5. No, all our other systems stayed up. When they say "due to problems at the exchange" it can either mean a problem on Amex's end, or a problem with THEIR connection to Amex, imho. I have watched numerous times my IB plaform unable to trade while numerous other platforms around our office had no troubles.

  6. Their bulletin say stocks on AMEX. Probably that mean everything on AMEX.
    I only had OIH, which is halted.
  7. GTS


    MBTrading has this alert out, its not just IB

    6/20/2007 Critical : AMEX has experienced a system issue and has halted trading, will advise 3:35:09 PM
  8. Funny, and now all my IB stocks are

  9. These stocks are still trading on all ECNS and NYSE where available.

    Amex prob does not equal a HALT.

    If I had an RTH position open I'd have been locked out for an hour now.

    Are you guys traders?

    PS just came back at 3:48. Way too long on a bad halt.
  10. yup, and i agree it sucks. If i had another option that offered me the variety of products IB does I'd leave, for sure. However, I can't find one.

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