Somebody was stuck - moved Equities Futures Hard

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  1. Total Wall Strret bs as usual, somebody was stuck, didn`t close the way they needed it to like yesterday, that`s ok, just make it go down after the market is closed. Some massive manipulation b/c they have size and can:)
  2. Market action in last 3 days completely sucked. Big money is afraid of being long here. If far east goes down overnight, things could get ugly tomorrow/next week.
  3. quite the move ahs for sure. Don't see any news. Maybe the bulls thought AMAT was gonna save them :D
  4. gaps back up, i call bs:)
  5. just a bunch of bulls stuck with their pants down complaining here.

    ** disclosure: some long exposure here

  6. ? Umm no lol
  7. piezoe


    When a neophyte asks "how do you know it's an algo?" These last two days would be great charts to whip out. Is it fair to say we have some expiration week August high jinks going on here?
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    Just because the market doesn't do what you want doesn't mean its being manipulated.

    The market gave plenty of opportunities to sell 1097-1092 before the cash close, after it failed to breakout earlier. It didn't just come out of nowhere.
  9. Market action is very good these days for people who now how to read it and trade. Those who complain about manipulation and such simply do not know how to trade.
  10. What utter rubbish! The time the big move down happened from 1093 was the highest volume part of the whole day, so it wouldn't been a ridiculous time to have attempted to "move Equities". I was long myself and hate manipulation when I see it, but there is zero evidence anything was afoot here other than an overbought market that can't properly rally through this 1092-1098 area. :mad:
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