somebody/sec should investigate this futures crap!

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  1. when under normal trading hours are they up 67-73.....only when the cash market is wallstreet manipulation in thinly traded markets. It happened with gold, currencies, futures, stocks, bonds this year.

    wanna bet the damn futures come down to atleast 30 by market open? total bs---hello sec----do you really enforce anything, anymore?

    I bet the same guys who goosed it up, will be riding it all the way back down before the cash opens.....complete market manipulation at work!!! They should never have left the futures market open on a complete cash market close. It is just pure greed on the part of chicago---the damn thing only traded like 2500 contracts anyway---the sec should put their foot in chicago`s arse for letting this happen.
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    well hey once again those who get burned have only themselves to blame

    this isn't fair game

    Yes I too bought on open and sold 3 hr later

    what am I dumb enough to buy and hold in this long term pattern

    come on get real

    people are here to screw you out of your money, right
  3. I guess people will just have to widen their stops.
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    Tough bananas!!!!!!
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    It is always someone else's fault when I lose money.

  6. what if they manipulate it and you make money? will you be giving it back?
  7. Guys that whine about manipulation always go bankrupt. Do the World a favor and close your account while there is something left. Give the balance to the American Cancer Society or the Christian Children's Fund.

    How many YMs are you short?
  8. yeah neither did i, but somebody is going to get burned.....but if you don`t draw the line at this----then at what point do ever draw a line? Why even have an sec? why have a stupid short uptick rule, when you let this crap go on? Why be so "arbitrary" in what you enforce?

    Why not just say there are no rules whatsoever.....THEN NOBODY would be under the misguided notion that markets are in any way fair and would expect and trade as if they were completely manipulated.

    The result would be a loss of confidence by market participants, which has happened in the past; capital flight, and illiquid markets that perform less than optimally intended from an efficient standpoint.

    This is why rules were written, an sec formed to protect the markets from this very manipulation--obviously, there are certain perceived benefits for all participants if markets operate with a high standard of "proper conduct"!
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    Don't hold overnight and over holidays.

    Problem solved.
  10. SEC is a joke....always have been & always will be.

    is the game being manipulated as of late?of course but it`s our job to get on the manipulators side & more importantly protect yourself at all times.......this game is a fight.anyone holding big positions over the long weekend were rolling the dice,especially after the Daq forced the NYSE`s hand to close by making the decision for them by calling an off day today for GF had to know something filthy would unfold........a 10 handle rip on ES sounds par for the course.
    the trap was set on the close at 28......ample opportunity to take some cheese off the table from 26 before they sprung the trap.
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