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    Please help with the below. THis may be a stupid question, but hey I have to start somewhere. Thanks

    I already have a brokererage account and am currently paying Esignal (mainly to get the Level II and time and sales data as my current broker do not provide that). However, am thinking of looking for a cheaper alternative to E-signal.

    Here's where the question/confusion is:
    I look at Quotetracker page and they are saying that you can get datafeed for around $20 (such as from IQ DTN, Marketfeed, Stockwatch).

    However, when I look at these sites, it seems that this $20 is just for the datafeed and if I want Level II or Time and Sales, I have to pay more such as additional $20 for Level II.

    As I plan to use Quotetracker to see Level II and Time and Sales, do I still need to pay for Level II and Time and Sales (beside the basic $20 and exchange fees)?

  2. the $20 datafeed that you saw mentioned is for the basic Level I service. Level II does cost extra

    You mentioned that you already have a brokerage account. Is it with a broker that is supported in QT already? If so, which one?

    Otherwise, yes, you would need to pay the extra fee for the Level II (plus exchange fees)
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm currently using TOS and its not supported by Quotetracker.

    Have a few questions if you don't mind

    For Quotetracker, is the below available?

    1) Time and Sales
    Ability to color code the time and sales for :
    Ask price
    Above ask price
    Bid price
    Below bid price

    2) Not sure how to explain this but will give it a shot.
    Ability to tack charts/level II etc so that I can switch between websites/pages but that 'level II' that I've tacked will always remain on the screen regardless of whichever website/page I'm on.

    3) Level II
    This is rather difficult to explain so I've attached an example for this. There are 2 level II screens. I've highlighted the bid price (blue color) and they are in different places ie 1 of them is on top of the time and sales while the other is at its normal position.
    My question is whether we can move around the quotes/bid price etc which is on the top part of the Level II

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  4. Bill,

    1) QT has the color coding you are looking for, though it handles at ask and above ask as being the same (same thing for at bid and below bid)

    2) The QT L II window will not stay on top of other non-QT windows. It will stay on top of QT portfolio windows

    3) I was unable to open the excel file you sent. Please attach picture file format rather than Excel
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    Not familiar with picture file. This attachment should work now.

    For point 3 , please look at worksheet titled 'point 3'

    For point 2, I will elaborate further as I think there may be some confusion here.

    Worksheet titled 'point 2a':
    We will be able to see 3 screens ie 2 TOS chart screens and 1 Esignal level II screen.

    Worksheet titled 'point 2b':
    We will be able to see 2 screens ie 1 TOS chart screen and 1 Elite Trader thread screen

    Worksheet titled 'point 2c':
    When I change/flip to another TOS screen, my Esignal screen still remains (as I have already 'tacked it').

    What I gather from most software is that I will not be able to 'tack' a screen such that when I flip screens/webpages, the 'screen I want to tack will still be there' ie as when I flip between worksheet 'point 2a' to worksheet titled 'point 2c' . This is what I'm hoping QT provides. I believe that you are telling me worksheet titled point 2c is not possible with QT currently?

    Reason is I get the impression that you are saying that 'worksheet titled point 2b cannot be done ie you either see TOS screen or QT screen. Maybe I misread what you were trying to say? But I believe I can see both TOS and QT screens at the same time as I have been doing this sort of things many times with different softwares. The problem occurs when I flip to see different screens/webpages.

    Appreciate your clarification. Thanks


    Point 1: Any chance of QT to include different color coding for above ask and ask (and vice versa for bid)?

    Point 2: Any chance of QT including this feature?

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  6. 3) Cannot rearrange the fields on top of the Level II window in QT. You can hide the whole section if you want, but not re-order.

    2) You can have the QT Level II window visible over another window, but what cannot be done is to keep it "stuck" that way - if you bring up a web browser in front of both windows for example, then ALT TAB to the TOS screen, then the TOS screen will be brought to the front, with the browser and the QT Level II window behind it

    As for different color for the T&S - not likely
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    ok, thanks